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Renewal and Revitalization September 2, 2009

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I recently traveled to my parents’ farm for a few days before classes start up again.  It was a time of transition, when my summer job had ended and school hadn’t started yet.  I brought with me some dharma talks on my mp3 player and computer and a few buddhism and meditation books.  My intention was to spend as much of the weekend as possible meditating.  I had a stressful week and wanted to just clear my mind and settle down. I tried to meditate about a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening, some of it walking; this is twice as much as I usually accomplish in one day.  I didn’t know if I could conjure up the stamina or concentration for it, but it worked out great and was just what I needed.

When I was on the farm I left behind a lot of things that were causing me stress in the city.  I was inspired by a blog entry I recently read that talked about “unplugging” from your daily life or pushing the reset button: getting rid of all the things you do and taking a break.  Then after a couple of weeks of being away from everything, you slowly start pushing the power button back on for daily routines and activities.  I tried to cut my day down to the bare minimals–reading, studying, watching movies, going outside.  I unplugged from visiting friends, work, shopping, wearing nice clothes and makeup, styling my hair, and exercising, among others.

The result after this combination of unplugging and some intense meditaton?  Pure simple abundance, happiness that sprung up out of nowhere after I accepted the way my life was.  Just resting in knowing what is was so liberating and calming.  I feel much happier now, my sense of humour is back after “losing” it for a while there.  I laughed at things I wouldn’t have laughed at before, especially the silly and crazy things my family does.  These past few days showed me something very important about what a good period of meditation will do.  I can easily change the way I think about things and re-evaluate my life.



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