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Writing for Others November 29, 2009

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My schoolwork has been pretty busy this semester, but recently I have had more time to read other people’s blogs and books on spirituality. I would like to post more over the next month as I have more and more leisure time. Hopefully I can get some more articles out there for people to read.
Another reason I would like to post more is that I would like to have some practice writing about spirituality and happiness. I have been contemplating my career plan lately and thinking that maybe being a writer would be a good choice. Its the only way right now that I can visualize being able to always learn new things, which is the most satisfying aspect of my university career so far.
I would also like to be a writer to help people, and inspire others to live happier lives. Right now, the only way I can do this is through a blog: I am no expert, I haven’t had any extensive training in writing, in spirituality, or in happiness. The only expertise I have is my daily life and the lessons I’ve learned so far in the short years I’ve lived.
I want to start writing about the things that are my daily inspiration, what motivations I use to get me through the day. Hopefully other people can learn from the lessons I’ve gained to make positive changes in their lives.
I am really excited today about the idea of having a job in spirituality and helping others!