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28-Day Meditation Challenge: Ready for a Challenge March 3, 2012

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My friend Tracy recommended that I take part in the challenge this year, and I was eager to learn more from the beginning. I’m looking forward to this challenge to deepen my practice by purposefully reflecting on my meditation every day.

I’m also happy to take part in the project because I enjoy writing about meditation. I have written about my practice before and received nothing but positive feedback from my friends and family, and felt that it was worthwhile.  I see sharing my experience as a way to hopefully help others. When people can read about meditation, not only in a book by an unknown author, but by a living person whom they know personally and can relate to, maybe people can see how meditation can be a part of their own lives, too.

Lately I’ve been trying to be more open to people, close friends and random strangers alike, about my meditation practice. Before my sharing was restricted to my fellow meditation group members and my parents, but now I’m gaining more confidence in my ability to describe the techniques, benefits, and teachings to others.

Reading Sharon’s book, I can see she does a great job at describing the many benefits that come with regular practice. I can attest to these myself, and many more that she couldn’t mention. Hopefully the benefits I’ve personally experienced can come up in my upcoming posts.

Looking forward to the rest of the month!

With metta,




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