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Feb 14: Day of Lovingkindness March 3, 2012

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What a treat today to purposefully do a guided lovingkindness meditation. I don’t often do lovingkindness meditation, as I find it a bit more helpful to be aware of the thoughts that are already occurring in my mind before I try to add more thoughts to the mix.

I decided today would be as good a day as any to practice lovingkindness, so I put on Sharon’s guided lovingkindness meditation. I really enjoyed the guided meditation, and can say I certainly noticed strong feelings of love and warmth arising when I pictured a loved one as the object of my kind wishes.

I will admit, however, that the feelings weren’t nearly as strong when I was directing lovingkindness toward myself, but that is typical for me when I practice lovingkindness. I guess its a sign that I’m the most in need of my own lovingkindness.

I spent the rest of the sit using my own familiar lovingkindness phrases. When I was finished, I didn’t feel quite as calm-minded as I often do after a concentration meditation, but it was still worthwhile. I noticed I felt quite a bit differently as soon as I started interacting with people as I went about my day. I also felt that the lovingkindness was a nice break from the usual self-criticism and self-judgement that was following me around until my sit that morning.

I told my friends that today was my day of lovingkindness proudly, instead of saying happy Valentine’s day. For myself, its important that there is a practice to cultivate love and kind wishes toward all living beings, regardless of whether those living beings are the object of my romantic affections. In a sense, lovingkindness is the boundless, generous love that gives, rather than just transactional love that gives only to receive.



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