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Feb 5: Seeing Results for Myself March 3, 2012

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Today was a Day of Mindfulness where I tried to relax, meditate, and do as little as possible. I wasn’t quite so successful as I had many errands to do around the house, and at times noticed myself getting frustrated with how long they were taking.

Lately I have been noticing some painful past memories surfacing, but wasn’t yet able to take the time to acknowledge or deal with them. I was glad I had the time to do that today and acknowledge what was happening, instead of ignoring these memories, or telling myself that now is not the time or place.

I went to a local sitting group this evening where we did walking and sitting meditation. I enjoyed the walking meditation quite a bit, but found my mind off with many planning thoughts. I would get to the end of the line where I was walking and stand there for a few minutes before I realized that I was lost in thought. When the bell went off, I was thinking about an e-mail I should send later.

During the sitting meditation, my mind got very still and very quiet at the very beginning, and I was thoroughly enjoying the silence. As time went on during the sit, I found it harder and harder to stay concentrated. Nevertheless, during the sit I noticed that a smile started spreading across my face, and my body was filled with feelings of joy. I have no idea where this came from. Near the end of the sit, I heard my mind complain, “Oh my gosh, this is so BORING!” When the bell went off at the end of the sitting meditation, I was thinking about how much I could notice my heart beating because my body was so still and my breath so shallow.

If I am sitting in meditation and a smile spreads across my face, but I didn’t decide for this to happen and I have no idea where it came from, I think this is a good sign that the practice is effective. Right now, I don’t think I need science to tell me that meditation works, or how it works. Instead, I am relying on my own experience and seeing the results for myself.



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