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Lovingkindness Practice March 15, 2012

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After feeling very burdened by a lot of self-judgement and criticism, I’ve decided to practice lovingkindness meditation. I have tried lovingkindness  on occasion many times but never made it a regular practice. I always wanted to because I’ve always noticed how powerful and effective the practice is when I do get around to doing it.

I had thought about incorporating a daily lovingkindness practice in the evening while doing my regular daily morning mindfulness practice, but never made the time or got into the habit. Now I decided to replace mindfulness meditation with lovingkindness meditation for my morning practice.

Another reason to try it is it was covered in an excellent book I recently read entitled Beyond Happiness: The Zen Way to True Contentment.

So far I have noticed that it is harder to stay concentrated during lovingkindness practice than my (what a surprise!) concentration practice. It is hard fo rme to keep my attention on the prhases, the visualization of the person, and the breath (I recite the phrases with each breath).

Nevertheless, I still find it worthwhile and am determined to continue the practice.

I’ve already noticed after a few sessions that some days the practice can be very powerful, where I feel very strong emotions arise during the session. Other days, I feel nothing or almost nothing. I try not to judge and decide whether it has anything to do with my technique or effort, I am just determined to continue and see what happens.



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