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Notes from Vacation March 15, 2012

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Here are a few notes on my practice I took while on vacation in Hawaii in February:

Meditation – sweet, beautiful, enjoyable, much needed relief from dialogue in mind that carries me a long. I can put a stop to it for a moment.

I can feel inside of me the pieces being fitted together, but I don’t know what those pieces are and I don’t know how exacty it works. I feel the energy flowing the way it should—more easily, no blockage.

I can let go. Let go of the body tensions, of the mental stories. And I can let go of my worries and attachments that usually feel so powerful.

Watching: anxiety and then story about anxiety that connects is to a bigger narrative about who I am, who I have “always” been, and who I will “always” be. Versus just anxiety.

Meditation is about being able to know and understand a bit more clearly what is truly fulfilling and satisfying for me versus everyone around me. Not an achieved state but a constant process of self-inquiry. I realize this as I sit on a tropical beach with sailboats and surfers in the background, and old, fat, white people walk across my field of vision. This is a place I’m told should be ultimate, the pinnacle, a sense that I’ve arrived and this is enough and I’ve made it. But it doesn’t seem any more magical than a field of wildflowers on a summer’s evening in East Central Saskatchewan with the birds singing, butterflies flitting about, my dogs chasing after gophers, and the late evening sun creating a band of yellow and pink and blue sky on the horizon.




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