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Quote: Well-Being and Wholeness May 7, 2012

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From a dharma talk by Gil Fronsdal “On Retreat”

“To experience a kind of sense of well-being or peace that is not depend on anthing, is really one of the sweetest things. And it gives people a very different perspective about how to go back into normal life again because then you know that in your heart there’s a capacity, there’s a place where you can be phenomenally at home, have a deep sense of well-being, feeling of being complete, being whole that doesn’t require anything in your environment to be different than what it is. Nothing has to be fixed adjusted, things don’t have to be better or worse. It doesn’t mean you stop improving the world or doing other things, doing things in the world. But you know that your deepest happiness and well-being is not dependent on the things of world, on activities in the world that we often engage in. And so then there’s a a whole different quality of freedom that goes into our activities and our possessions and everything. Because we’re not going to kind of depend on them for our deepest sense of well being, we know its not dependent on those things.”



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