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“For Jeanne”: A Poem August 20, 2012

Posted by Living Abundance in poetry.
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For Jeanne

With a gentle nudge

the body of the boat glides away

effortlessly sailing on the water

over the forest of reeds

How long have I been struggling?

How long have I been fighting the current

ignoring the wind

forcing my tired body that’s crying out in pain?

Where have I been paddling?

Look again

the distant vision I have been striving for endlessly

day and night

is only an illusion

that vanishes as easily as the water’s reflection

in a gentle breeze

So let the image of the canoe

the vision of the peaceful silent movement

touch me deeply

in my heart

May it be that easy for me

from time to time

May I take the time to stop

and sit atop the glassy water

and let the tiny waves nudge me along

May I find my breath

again and again

so I can paddle in harmony with my body

May I end the journey

just for now

and pull into this shore

Let me stay here a while

long enough to listen to my heart

and dwell in my body

and learn how to be again

before I set out

into the water

once more

August 12, 2012

Anglin Lake, SK



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