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Poem: Knowing and Wisdom September 16, 2012

Posted by Living Abundance in poetry.
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Knowing and Wisdom

Maybe I will go to the library

and look up some books

on mystical experiences

find all the authors

the mystics, the saints, the sufis

like a good scholar

familiarize myself with all the terms

emptiness, ecstasy, presence,

divine grace, born again, the light at the end of the tunnel

read through firsthand experiences

historical accounts, phenomenology

and critical analyses

discover what factors lead to these experiences

all the research,

the evidence, the empirical support

I can fill myself up with this knowledge

strengthen my mind for a while

arm myself with the necessary tools, the gear

prepare myself to enter the wild again


Isn’t not knowing

part of it as well?

isn’t that the entire point?

maybe not knowing makes me feel

small, too human

too cut off from the source of life

maybe not having the words

means I can’t identify myself

as different, as special

maybe not having a label

means I can’t stand up

and identify myself

and feel ready

to claim my true heritage

as a child of the universe

no, on second thought

I think I’ll abandon

that endless maze

that pointless rabbits chase

and just sit

right here instead

and feel the sun on my skin

– 09/07/12



1. Brian - September 18, 2012

I like it. A tangle of thoughts forgotten to remember the simplicity of the sun ^_^

Living Abundance - September 19, 2012

Thanks, glad you like it. I realized afterward that I wrote it very “Zen” in its simplicity.

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