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Winter Solstice December 20, 2012

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The darkest night of the year.

Lighting a candle, a light in the deep darkness.

As I wait for the sun to rise in the morning, I create my own tiny flickering light.

The light gives me peace, comfort in the cold winter night.

Each day the darkness grows longer, deeper.

Patiently, I wait.

I wait for the sun to return, for the light to return.

I have faith that the light will come back once again.

I feel the turning of our Earth with each passing day, each time I raise my head to gaze at the pale winter sun.

In the morning I will feel the shift of our planet, the beginning of the new cycle.

Touching our Earth.

Taking refuge in our Earth.

Taking refuge in what is real, what is true.

Giving trust to our Earth that provides for me at the times of most need.

When I needed it, she was there for me, providing relief, soothing deep suffering, returning me back on the right path.

She has always been here for me, my entire life.

Now I am seeing it more and more.

Now I see it when I remember places I once visited.

Bowing deep down in humility.

I trust in our Earth’s great power, the power that shifts planets and begins new cycles of life.

I am of our Earth.

I come from our Earth.

One day I will return to our Earth.



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