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Living Abundance

“Just to be alive is enough.”

This is a phrase I heard from one of my favourite, most moving dharma talks by Gil Fronsdal, and the inspiration for the title of this blog. My life is full of abundance, and I hope to embrace this abundance and live out everything I have been given. Recently, I have been focusing my life on embracing positivity and living in the moment in order to be happy and free. I am writing this blog in a hope that sharing my daily spiritual practice may inspire others.

My Practice

I currently practice in the Mindfulness tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Zen Monk now living in France in his Sangha Plum Village.  The Mindfulness tradition emphasizes mindfulness as the foundation of spiritual practice. Mindfulness refers to present moment awareness of direct experience.

I also practice in the tradition of Insight Meditation (Vispassana meditation in Pali, pronounced Vi-PAS-sa-NA), a Westernized version of the Theravadan Buddhist tradition. The Insight tradition places emphasis on meditation as a form of spiritual practice to gain insight into one’s habitual thinking, speaking, and acting in daily life.

About Me

I am a twenty-something Métis woman currently living in Saskatchewan, Canada. I was born on a fourth-generation Métis farm near a small town in rural Saskatchewan. My educational background is in research psychology, and my other interests are feminism, Indigeneous issues, Canadian history, and environmentalism. My other passions include nature photography, spending time outdoors, bicycling, hiking, cooking and baking (especially whole foods and local, in-season foods), poetry and writing, knitting, and yoga.

With metta (lovingkindness),


1. A Mindful Traveler - March 3, 2013

Thanks for making the blogosphere a better place! I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you’d like to accept this award, you’ll find the rules here: http://amindfultraveler.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/lovingkindness-the-liebster-blog-award/

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